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Belt conveyor

MCBSU series roller belt conveyor
1ˇ˘The head wheel adopts the rubber cover technology. It increases the friction coefficient and prevents from the belt skidding and disalignment, enhances the drive efficiency. The active, passive and tension rollers have passed the static and dynamic balance calibration.

2ˇ˘ It sets a special-purpose ˇ°ploughˇ± type material cleaner in the head outlet to ensure that all the conveying materials be discharged into the head hopper. ˇ°Vˇ± type cleanser is located in the upper part of the tail return tape for purpose of cleaning the materials without the loading section in the conveyor belt.

3ˇ˘ The loading layer adopts trough three-idler structure. It is divided into 30ˇăˇ˘35ˇăˇ˘45ˇăgroove angles. The larger the trough angle, the higher the conveyor output. It uses little-space buffer trough three-idler in the material inlet. In order to prevent from deviation of the conveyor belt, it sets one group of the self-aligning trough three-idler and self-aligning parallel lower idler every ten-group in the mid section.

4ˇ˘ An adjustable buffer baffle has been set in the material inlet. When the materials fall to the conveyor belt, they will be piled in the middle. It reduces the materials impact towards the tape. A rubber baffles are in both sides of the feeding groove so as to prevent from the materials leakage.

5ˇ˘ It can adopt an unique enclosed expansion type screw tension mode, fixed guide-rail type gravity tension mode, slide trolley tension mode according to the equipment length and service conditions. It sets the tension limit device as well.

6 ˇ˘ It is allocated with the safety protection devices such as the inspection door, observation window, dust-collection exhaust inlet, speed detection, anti-blockage, axle temperature detection etc.

7ˇ˘ It is widely applicable for conveying various horizontal or less than 15ˇătilt angle granules, flake and powder materials, the large tonnage or super-long distance matters conveyance in the harbor, wharf, silo etc. It can be used individually or by means of the multi-set. It can combine with other conveying equipments to from the horizontal or tilted conveyor system too.

Main Specifications and Technical Datas Łş


Belt width(mm)


Belt speed(m/s)

Dia of Head Pulley(mm)



42 ˇ« 168

0.5 ˇ« 2.5

¦µ322 ˇ« ¦µ800



122 ˇ« 232

0.8 ˇ« 2.5

¦µ322 ˇ« ¦µ800



206 ˇ« 312

0.8 ˇ« 2.5

¦µ322 ˇ« ¦µ800



445 ˇ« 659

1.6 ˇ« 3.15

¦µ500 ˇ« ¦µ950



696 ˇ« 986

1.6 ˇ« 3.15

¦µ500 ˇ« ¦µ950



1048 ˇ« 1486

1.6 ˇ« 3.15

¦µ500 ˇ« ¦µ950



1427 ˇ« 2022

1.6 ˇ« 3.15

¦µ500 ˇ« ¦µ950

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